Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Worship Matters

"God is seeking worship leaders who make Jesus look Great."

"Being a worship leader isn't meant to be a hobby or a way to fulfill my musical aspirations, it's an opportunity to proclaim that I am a great sinner who has been redeemed by a great savior and to invite others in to celebrate that reality"
- Bob Kauflin

I have read several books on worship since coming to seminary. In the future, I hope to point those interested to some of the best resources I have been exposed too regarding worship. One such resource is the plethora of lectures, sermons and songs of Bob Kauflin. Bob is the Music Director for Sovereign Grace ministries and leads Covenant Life Church in worship weekly. I have linked to his blog (Worship Matters) in the sidebar. On top of the free resources Kauflin has produced by way of blog posts, advice columns, lectures, sermons, FREE SONGS and FREE CHARTS, he has now written a book on worship. I received a copy at this year's T4G conference and am anticipating devouring it soon. I have read excerpts from several chapters and it looks like it's gonna be a great read. You may want to think about buying this one! Watch the video below.

If you aren't familiar with Bob, or Sovereign Grace Music, or Covenant Life Church, watch this video and check out his blog and Sovereign Grace Ministries website where you can search for his sermons. As always, you can download some lectures Bob has given to the students at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary's Institute for Christian Worship HERE.