Sunday, April 08, 2007

Christ has RISEN! He has Risen Indeed!

Easter people, raise your voices. Christ has conquered the grave! What a blessed morning. I won't make a long post this morning, but I wanted to direct you to a song by Andrew Peterson. It is Called High Noon from the album "Love and Thunder." I've been singing it for a week and a friend of mine did an excellent post on this song just yesterday. I told him I was going to save my words and use his! You can read his wonderful post HERE.

His name is Stephen Caveness and his blog is thought provoking and always interesting. It's called the lower case because he types with %60 of his fingers and can't hit the shift key, but I don't hold that against him!

Go check it out and enjoy the beauty of our risen Christ.

1 comment:

stephen lee cavness said...

actually, its only 40 % (index fingers and thumbs)

thanks for the link!
hope your resurerection day was filled with grace