Friday, June 01, 2007

New Blog for Southern Seminary Bloggers

SBTS Blogs

I am currently a student at SBTS. There is a wonderful new resource out there in the blogosphere for those who want to hear what the young voices of are seminaries are saying. The new site Said at Southern Seminary is a very clean and useful metablog that links to many blogs of students, faculty and alumni. It is their blog debut today, so check it out.

One important and useful resource on the SASS Blog is the Seminary worship podcasts. As a seminarian, one of the greatest privileges of this time in my life is the ability to be fed by some of the country's greatest preachers and sit under the teaching of our institution's fine instructors when they preach. Seminary worship audio is free to download. So take a look at that. Also in the Podcast section, you can download episodes of Dr. Mohler's Radio program as well as his weekly Sunday School audio from Highview Baptist Church. Dr. Russel Moore, the Dean of the School of Theology also has Sunday School audio that you can access there. These can be great resources if you, say drive a long way in to work from out in the boonies and would like to listen to great preaching, teaching or ...radioing? I suppose that's what you would call it...radioing...anyway. I recommend highly the Seminary Sermon Audio. Dr. Mohler's sermon on the 10th commandment is highly recommended.

More on worship to come!

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