Friday, February 08, 2008


After hearing that Mitt Romney has stepped aside, I realized that I haven't had much to say about politics lately. I used to be a political junkie, but I think that I have moderated a bit and that is a good thing. So, as a tribute to all the Ron Paul fans and the Duncan Hunterites, all the those hoping that this was the year for Kucinich or the lovely locks of John Edwards this is for you. After months of TV debates, it's nice to look back at what was...

{ht:Locust & Honey}


Anonymous said...

I miss you cousin!!!! I love you and think of you snd the wife often.....Joy~

Worship Leader Ron said...

I miss you guys too. I hope to get back up to Michigan soon though. Love you guys.

Bob said...

The video is HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing it.

I just started a worship blog for our worship committee & team. I have led songs at our church since Easter 1988, but the music has changed. Lots of good songs over the years, but I love the old hymns too. I am a volunteer; no official training or college work.
Still, it's who I am.

Looking forward to future blog entries by you.

Worship Leader Ron said...


Thanks for the comment. I really enjoyed perusing your blog. I have much to learn from elder brothers who have been thinking, leading, and worshiping far longer than I have. I really enjoyed your purpose statement for your worship team. I'm looking foreward to future entries from you as well.
May God Bless your Lord's day services.