Saturday, November 17, 2007

Funny Stuff

This is a funny clip that I found on the blog of Mark and Stephen Altrogge. They are gifted song writers and churchmen. Mark pastors The Sovereign Grace Church of Indiana, Pennsylvania. Stephen leads worship at the same church. Mark is an avid musician and has been writing songs for Sovereign Grace Music for several years now and Mark, his son is following in his Dad's footstepts. You can learn more about their dynamic worship music Here. Look around and listen to some of their christmas music.

This Christmas, my church will be learning and singing "Hope Has Come" which is featured on the website linked above. You can download a PDF Lead Sheet for FREE HERE.

These guys aren't only talented. They're funny. Here is a video I found on their blog. I laughed for several minutes. Enjoy the music and the laughs.

(ht: The Blazing Center)

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Stephen Altrogge said...


I'm glad you enjoyed the clip. I hope the song goes well for you!